Old stock and bonds have no market value, but they are a lively and authentic witness of the past as well as a manuscript. Vintage share certificates play a valuable particularly important role for economic history and the history of art and taste, valuable and fascinating fragments necessary to reconstruct the complex mosaic of the human journey. It is a form of collecting more and more widespread. Now devoid of any real value, stock and bond certificates vintage are today sought after for their historical value, if not for their artistic value. 

This project started in 1999 by the founder Alberto PUPPO (historian, avid collector and expert in this area), with the intent to bring together in one website all lovers of collecting paper quality . Having become the reference site for the purchase of share certificates, bonds, manuscripts and other articles of great value, now aims to become a museum of the history of paper. !

It's a huge database that can be drawn numerous cultural information, a continuously updated catalog. !

On one hand continue to add new documents, on the other hand even those no longer available continue to survive virtually with their card , which documents the existence and characteristics. !

A heritage that bears witness to the ability of Verbania Alberto Puppo to combine new forms of entrepreneurship activities from cultural value. !

Behind Scripofilia.it there are no foundations or public institutions but only the passion of not seeing deleted documents that tell our story, describing the birth of a nation, the modernization of a country's economic boom.